domingo, 18 de julio de 2010

the magical world of john galliano

I met one of its perfumes, its packaging immediately captivated me from that moment I could not help but admire each of their creations.

John galliano is a fashion designer known for his versatility, born in England on November 28, 1960...

I admit that this man is one of my favorite designers .. that as they saw what was toward, each parade, each presentation was to realize how much I represented, and I felt greatly identified .. . every thing that astonished me was the fact that I was male! that since childhood I dreamed of being a designer, to face the world whatever it takes to achieve that dream, I realized over time that not everything is so easy, is not impossible, that's clear, for all people who have achieved, but in my case is fear of failure, and sometimes I think I am very particular that really born to be a designer, to be an actress, to be in this world and who was to take risks, not just me I realize if I say that all this must be my future ... when I thought it would be like my brand clothing, thought to pre-parade shows, I thought in every detail, thought to vintage clothing, I thought the music,everything, and to see what it felt to john galliano I was, that everything coming out of his mind came out of mine too! and that is why I feel so identified with him, I admire his way of being and everything he does, no doubt this man is remarkable and represents 100% of my ideas in the fashion world..

I hope that life give me a the chance to connect not only my dream, if not all I am

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