jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Little girl

As a child as a child .. everything is magic, everything is great, everything is amazing and unique, is small when everything is...possible

that laugh,

ran and nothing mattered
that we were kids,
no worries,
no responsibility,
we were happy

that it was to see the little things of life
, colors, trees, flowers, sun and wind, and enjoy every thing we gave the world no matter what others think..

did not matter that we fought with our friend, the second one solucionaba
mos and play again ...
if you accidentally hit us crying for something, mom always kissed us and we passed, or maybe we went to an ice cream or candy haha

share with friends, invite to our house to play hide and seek,
tag, the doctor,
the tiny kitchen,

because we have such good memories of childhood,
a childhood piura,
and in spite of that depends on the life of each
is usually
one of the best times in which we say "I want to grow and"
but when we grow so much power annelids return
to relive those memories that endured
with much happiness and

so anchored in our memory

1 comentario:

  1. i really love this post and its so true

    when we're young the world is a happy place , we laugh we cry and we forgotten all our sadness the moment we woke up the next morning

    we dont worry about life , work or money

    everything we sees is beautiful

    wish i could turn back time

    being an adult is tiring with so much worries , things became so complicated

    but dont worry we will always have the child in us :)

    p/s i really like your photos in your blog , some i did not leave a comment because i don't understand what you wrote in your post, so i dont want to leave pretentious comment

    bt i really like this post from my heart :)

    With ♥